I don’t care to brag, so I’ve asked a few of my clients to do the talking for me. I’m grateful to have worked with some of the leading corporations and publications during my career. I’d love to discuss your next project with you!

Robert is a true artist, capturing the very essence of his subject. He does this not only as a master of light, angle and aperture, but by the genuine warmth and interest he takes in the people and subjects he photographs. For BRC, the challenge was portraying the beauty and dignity of men and women successfully working to overcome the challenges of poverty, addiction and homelessness. The portraits speak for themselves.
Robert photographed our various locations in Japan and China and we were very pleased with the way he dramatically captured challenging industrial and RD environments. He was diligent to follow specific photographic guidelines and he successfully worked with multiple staff to schedule and coordinate all photo shoots. Finally, he delivered well-organized volumes of descriptive photo files which continue to save us time and money when searching for that appropriate photo.
Robert Esssel is a quality creator and very professional producer of photography for our projects. He solves difficult non-photogenic problems and always provides us with a variety of excellent approaches to choose from. He is a valuable and reliable resource.